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Below are some techniques I use to explore clients' thoughts, emotions, and body sensations which can deepen our understanding of particular challenges and eventually lead to healing.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a very specific way in which traumatic events can be processed, so that the residual effects of these events do not continue to inhibit one's life experience. Traumatic events include: a car accident; a sudden loss; or any experience in which one's life is or is perceived to be threatened.

Internal Family Systems is a modality that weaves together mindfulness practices (ie. being acutely aware of what is happening in the moment, physically and mentally) with gently guided conversations between the clients' true self and other parts of themselves.  This is especially helpful when clients find themselves reacting in ways that may not fit the situation, or they feel like some part of them took over and is creating difficulties in their lives or relationships. 

Guided Imagery is used to help clients expand their awareness into the realm of their imagination so that they may create and focus on comforting or peaceful visions. The result is a relaxed physical and mental state in which clients are able to form a new, more tolerable relationship to their problems.It can be used to increase the client's positive sensations, emotions, and memories in and outside of the session.

Sensations felt in the body can be powerful clues to rigid beliefs or emotions that hold clients back from living a full and healthy life.  By becoming aware of and tracking subtle physical sensations, early memories or painful beliefs about life or one's self can be revealed.  When stuck emotions held within physical sensations are released, feelings of lightness and spaciousness take their place in the body creating a sense of wellbeing.

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