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Sending Gratitude to Our Protectors

by Cori Soliz

January 22, 2018

We’ve all had those days when we just want to be left alone. We’re tired of protecting ourselves, our vulnerable part, our “light”, from being darkened by hurt feelings or rejection. Meanwhile the part of us that protects the light, the “protector”, gets battered by the outside world. Eventually they need a break. However they can only let go a little when we, our higher selves, nurture what they’re protecting.

When we learn to take care of our vulnerable part directly, our protector can rest or do what they used to do before they got stuck in this role -- be creative, play, socialize. When our protector lets go a little, our heart becomes more open to what life, creativity, and love have to offer.

Take a moment to send gratitude to your tired protector--for all they have done with what they know how to do right now. Recognize the ways they have kept you and continue to keep you safe, and thank them for their hard work over the years.

Then, if your protector lets you, take a moment to tune into the vulnerable part they are protecting. Let this part know that they’re ultimately okay. You’re here with them now and will be here with them always, for they will be a part of you forever.

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